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Account Services


Offers (Huda bank) accounts and a total of services that include savings accounts, current accounts and deposits tethered


credit cards


If you are looking for little benefit or additional purchasing power and the Internet Shopping Card portal for secure online shopping network ratio.





We have taken a step to provide this service strategy to secure the support of influential partners in the region, so as to expand our services and take advantage of the network of its branches in the country base.


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Do not miss out on the latest news, offers and products offered.


Online banking services

This services allows you to follow up and conduct your banking transactions and stay connected with it over 24 hours a day. We can provide you with: E-Statement, Banking services, ATMs in all Branch, Automate Answering Machine & Call Center.



We guarantee you a loan at competitive prices

We provide easy methods to apply financing, which reach up to IQD (1,000,000) with repayment periods up to 60 months.



Customer Service Center

Our customer service team is ready to assist and answer you regarding any queries about our services and products.



Message of Chairman

I am pleased to welcome you in Al Huda Bank website. By browsing our website, you will be able to learn about our history and most prominent achievements, as well as our latest products and services.


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By using ATM you can access your accounts for cash withdrawal purposes, deposit cash, checks or instructions, pay bills, transfer cash to bank accounts, inquire about account details and many more .

Text Messages

Permanent contact with your accounts anytime and anywhere ,Even when you are abroad, you will receive messages on your mobile device informing you about transactions are taking place on your accounts per minute.

Al - Huda Bank Application

Al - Huda Bank Application

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